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Gettin' back into the groove of things

Went back to class yesterday after a very, um, non-vacationy vacation. I worked all but 4 days of my "break". Christmas was quiet and uneventful. Dad has got this terrible flu and can't shake it, so he's been out of commission for a while and driving for 2 hours to visit me was not going to happen. No biggie. I just relaxed and watched some movies.

So, first day back to class, we did fuck all but watch the entier first season of The Next Great Chef (holy shit, I totally know the guy who was the next great chef from Nova Scotia) and then a show about El Bulli, a "fuck with your mind while giving you the best culinary experience you've ever had" restaurant in Spain. That's some fucked up shit right there... like break your brain in half fucked up. Awesome though... if I were to make a reservation now, the earliest I could get in would be mid 2009.

So, now I have a hefty homework assignment. I have to rewrite all my recipes for my menu, cost them out to figure out the portion cost and then the total cost of my menu overall, with 20 portions of each item, at least. I hate math and I don't like that I have to rewrite my recipes, but hey, if I don't do, it, I don't get a mark. I really wanted mahi-mahi on my menu, but apparently it's too hard to get in for us right now. Dammit all to hell.

Working 4 out of 5 nights a week now and I'm on call for the 5th night so blah. At least I'm making some money though! More updates as they occur (don't hold your breath, nothing happens to me). Toodles!


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