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Oct. 29th, 2006

You Are Not Scary

Everyone loves you. Isn't that sweet?

Goddamn it...

Elect Victoria Judith Comeau!

I will bitchslap George W. for you!
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OMG OMG GUESS WHAT?!?! After work tonight I stopped by the Rhythym and Sole Dance Studio to watch the dance class and when they were done I chatted for a little while with the studio owner and she said she remembered that I wanted to take dance classes. I told her I couldn't afford them and all that jazz and she said that we could work something out so I could dance. Sooooooooo.... once a week, I clean the studio and I get to dance my heart out! Soooo happyyyyyyyyyyyy! I can't wait!!

I go back to classes Tuesday! Again, I can't wait! I'm such a damned dork, I'm reading my textbook for like the 5th time this summer so I can be uber-nerdy when I go back to school.



So... how's everyone doing? Not bad here. I go back to classes next week! I can't wait. Apparently, the new chef is still quite shy and reserved so we second years will have to scare the shit out of him so he wises up and starts yelling like Chef... well, that's not entirely true... Chef doesn't have to yell. He gets his point across with..... *drumroll please*... "the sigh". You know you've disappointed him when you get "the sigh"... it's the worst sound in the world. I think I'd rather get "the sigh" from my mom.

I got a new chair for my living room... well, it isn't new, but it's new to me! A guy my dad used to work with in Saulnierville lives in Kentville now with his family and I used to babysit his little girl. Well, 2 years have passed since I babysat for them and they gave me a call the other day. They had a chair they needed to get out of their basement and they wondered if I wanted it. It's super comfy and not even ugly, like that bright freaking yellow sofa I have propped up on milk crates... ah, college apartments. Anyhoo... this little girl is now 4, cuter than any other little kid I have ever seen, and is a super protective older sister of the 10 month old baby who looks exactly like her already... full head of blonde hair included! Was nice to have a visit from them. Guess what? This kid is 4 and eat brussels sprouts and spinach! Half the adults I know are pickier than that! She's please and thank you up and down, cute as a button (are buttons realy cute?) and I get to take her to the Clayground someday soon. Kids like her I don't mind... it's the kids who make it to Jerry Springer Sesame Street who make me wanna drown 99% of children. Moving on...

Rosa has fleas!!!!!! HOw the fuck does this happen? She never goes outside (the epitome of "pussy") and Sonny doesn't have any... what the hell??? This suuuuuuuuuuuucks.... now I have to get her a stinky flea collar. Smells like chemicals... yuck... I'll still cuddle her and rub her tummy, but if the collar I get her is anything like the ones my parents got for their cats, I'll have to wear a freaking gas mask!

Getting over the flu... drugs are fun when they drain the snot from your nasal cavity.How the fuck can a space in your head that small produce so much freaking snot?!?!! My throat decided to close up yesterday morning and I couldn't find my inhaler right away (cats played inhaler hockey in the middle of the night... damn them to hell) and I started freaking out (not good when your asthma is often stress triggered) and I could find my cell phone to dial 911... I seriously thought I was going to have to... when I finally found my inhaler, I totally OD'd on it... like 5 shots into my lungs... only the last two went through. Guess who stayed in bed the rest of the day for dear that shit would go down again?!

Downloaded some funny shit today... if anyone gets a chance to watch Jeff Dunham's Arguing With Myself... DO IT!!! laugh your ASS off... omg it's right up there with how hard we all laughed at Robin Williams Live On Broadway...

Anyway, that's enough for tonight... I think the cat just opened the fridge (seriously) and I have to go save my oranges.

Sep. 26th, 2006

So, yeah, long time since I've updated. Don't work at Pronto's anymore, as most people already know. Now I work at ACTON'S!!! I get paid in CAKE! hahaha

Those quizzy things that keep popping up on my LJ friends page says that I'm a passionate, pretty logical socialist with good karma... um... ok...

ANyway.. onto other things... I'm trying to raise money for the AIDS walk that's going on this Saturday... I just signed up so I have no donations yet, but if anyone wants to help out a little bit, here's the link!!!


Hopefully my chef will give me at least PART of Saturday off so I can go walking in Halifax... we're supposed to get hammered at the restaurant though so it might not happen... counting on my team to do it if I can't make it! Please dontate! Even a buck helps! Seriously... if a hundred people just donated one dollar, that's a hundred bucks! That's our team goal!
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